Guy Yehuda


    “Guy Yehuda sounded impressive, meticulous and fascinating. Emphasizing the romantic lines of the concerto. It is a must to hear him play again.”

    Habama, Tel Aviv

    “Guy Yehuda is a clarinetist worthy of a following. His playing was exhilarating and spotless, even in the extremely virtuosic moments.”

    Tel Aviv City, Tel Aviv

    “This clarinetist is an impeccable technician and a rare musician…”

    Le Press, Montreal

    “Some of the evening’s most telling moments came from the clarinetist Guy Yehuda’s breezy display of technical prowess…”

    Globe and Mail, Toronto 

    “Bartok’s Contrast displayed chamber music at its highest level; a dialogue between Violin, Clarinet, and Piano with pure tone and clarity of thought…” 

    Haaretz, Israel 

    “Clarinetist Guy Yehuda and Pianist Martin Kennedy deserve praise for the doing of the performance, requiring skills a plenty…”

    Herald Times, Bloomington, Indiana

    "A solo piece, Sempre Marcato for clarinetist Guy Yehuda, by Jonathan Berger, now at Stanford University, was a veritable tour de force of this instrument, exploring all its ranges in various breakneck techniques."

    The Jerusalem Post


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